Take A Leap of Faith.

Have you ever been afraid to do something that you really want to but you’re afraid of what is going to happen next? Whether its is to tell someone how you really feel about them (just saying) or maybe it is that person who is always bossing you around and you want to stand up to them, it may even be that new promotion you want to apply for but you don’t know what the outcome will be. It is human nature to become afraid at times, but you just have to man up (or woman up) to those fears, because if you don’t that fear is going to eat you down like a termite… literally! Your going to see that person you have strong feelings for and want to run in the opposite direction or see that bossy person and answer to their beckoning call and just live with the fear of them, Probably its that’s promotion you could have received but you were afraid to apply because other people have been at the company way before you and have applied. Nobody should live like that!

I remember I was spending some time with my aunt in Inglewood which is about 5 mins from May-Pen. She had a little helper and he and I decided to go for a walk, I thought that the walk would just be around Inglewood admiring the house but he had another plan. He wanted us to walk to May-Pen, which I never had a problem with I was up for that walk. We were about a minute away from the town when we came to the dreaded May-Pen bridge, now here we came up on a problem, I was afraid of heights and that bridge was WAY off the ground. Demar ran across that bridge like it was nothing and just stood there looking, now here I had was to make a decision either I brave up and walk across this bridge or I turn back and go home. After a couple minutes I decided to go across I just took that first step on the bridge shaking like a leaf, but after that first step the others came quickly after until I got across the bridge and I didn’t die.

Hebrews 11: 1 says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

We don’t see that courage to make that leap of faith but all its takes it that one word, that one step, that one action and everything else will follow.


Don’t just sit around and watch things go by. Maybe person shares similar feelings as yours, maybe that bossy person didn’t even know they were over doing it and that promotion what if were going to get it because of your good work. Take that leap of faith today and see where it takes you, who knows it maybe the best decision you’ve ever made.

Have a Fearless Monday!


Albert Darnell Anderson.

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