Nothing I’ve written before

Earlier this evening I got a copy of my friend’s book. I was a bit hesitant to reading so quickly because I wanted to be very “together” to read it but, I read it and as I read I felt every pain and emotional. With every word, every sentence you could feel what he was talking about. I read it to its entirety in less than about hour and I gave my review.

Now, after reading I opted to make a blog post because often times we see people on a daily basis and to us they are ‘A okay’ and you judge and make assumptions and say all you want to say about them and don’t even care to find out what is what.

I’m gonna say a little in the post and it may be upsetting to some and shocking to others and frankly may cause what I’m now deeming as unnecessary arguments and questions but let’s continue.

I grew up in Clarendon, deep rural Clarendon. There is no running water, there’s no cable, no wi-fi, just your regular “country” that most people on go for a couple of weeks in the summer to go visit that grandma or whoever. I lived there for 17 years and I had no complaints, I tell people everyday “I’m from country but not of country” and you may look at me like “we him a talk bout?” But it is true, I was never your average country boy; water carrying, What is that??? Go to bed hungry, you crazy? Broke, haha funny! Go play football over school, you mussi mad!

I never did those things and I was fine, I was a spoilt brat that got everything I wanted up to the point where someone told me I was rotten but that fine I was okay and I had no complaints.

Years past, things happen I wish not to discuss in my little post and I moved past them or so they thought.  I went to therapy for 6 months in High School because of some “problem” my brother thought I had, my paid for every session and he didn’t know what he was paying the money for but he loved me and wants the best for me so of course he paid. Those 6 months were a complete waste of my time cause I legit will tell you what you want to hear to shut you up.

Fast forward to 2014, plans to start NCU and take a nice little visit to England as it would have been easy for me to go considering Daddy was a resident. Bam Daddy became ill and I’m going to be honest for the first 2 months I really didn’t care, honestly didn’t give a rats ass, I never saw him sick before have the flu? Him just rub up with some alcohol and he’s good to go. It got serious and I realized that I really don’t have much time left to spend with this man so made the best of the bad situation.

He died, and I was out of it throughout the entire period  (I’m sure people stop reading by now but that’s fine) I was very much discombobulated cause I’m being asked “where you going to live” but I never paid that any mind as my dad never allowed anything to bother him. Fast forward to attempt to live with my mom’s side of family, I’m sorry I was not about that life, sharing all of that NOPE!

Opted to move to Portmore with her family frankly best decision ever! It thought me a lot and I’m going to list a few

  1.  See me and come live with me, two different things
  2. there are genuine people in the world that don’t anything about you but has your back regardless
  3. Whatever material God used to make Albert, he threw it away.
  4. I am a very strong person
  5. I am very unbothered
  6. I am mature for my age
  7. God still has my back

I’ll stop listing and save for another….

And now we’re at today, Wednesday August 16, 2017. I’m still here, I’m still alive and very much kicking, I’m not perfect or anywhere close to it but I’m good whatever is happening I can deal with it. I have a goal and an intention and frankly I’m in no mood to change directions.

Things happen and you decide to stop cause its the end of the world, it’s not!  Calm down. I can honestly say, everything that happened, is happening or about to happen it’s all in the cycle to get me to be the person I’m supposed to be. I’m going to make it and I’m going to make it big too and that’s the mentality that we should all have, stay focused and chill.

Oh yeah, please don’t allow what people say to keep you down, don’t it’s not worth it forgive, forget and move on. Try to remember that there is always someone out there to help!

Let me stop writing, look out for Chronicles to Purpose!



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  1. petchary says:

    Albert! Great to see you blogging… We don’t want to know the things you don’t want to share (in fact you don’t even need to mention them) but the main point is… You have been there, and are now moving on. Yes, stay calm always. Mindfulness is always good! Looking forward to your next post.

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